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duminică, 10 iunie 2012

A Rock

   You're just a rock.
   Cold and unspeakless, you're my rock.

   I don't care who you are.
   I wear you all the time with me.
   When you laugh, I laugh with you.
   When you're sad, i hug you and tell you that's going to be all right.

For all this beauty in the world, I blame you.
All this beauty happend because of your existance.

Every part of you goes in different direction.

I'm looking at far skyline, there's you all around.
How can i joy you more.
What can i do to make you more happy.
I just lay with you on the grass.
Holding your hand.
My happy is to stay there with you.
Doing nothing..

You ignore me.
That's better !
I'll love you even more
And keep you in my heart forever.
That's your place, my empty rock.

Maybe you would like to be a diamond.
Is not important !
This rock only worth a thousand lives.
Who would worship a diamond
When I have the whole world in you.

When you'll be down.
I'll always be there to give you a hand
And put you in my heart
Where you belong.

Come! Whatever you are
From the heights
We'll watch this beautifull world
Speeding around
Now close your eyes
And breath into me
You're free!
How could you be free without love
Now you're living
Çause i've giving you life
By thinking of you
As you are real..

we all are in the mud, but some of us are watching to the stars

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